Kohl Tricks for amazing eyes…..

Hey my Pretty Readers… I am back with some amazing tips and tricks for those awesome looking mesmerizing eyes using one of the most the simplest makeup item – Kohl… 

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Now Kohl is better known as Kajal in India. It is the most basic item in any Indian girl’s makeup essentials.

Although it is mostly used for just lining the water lines, it is much more useful than that. Especially if you are as lazy as me.

I have used these tricks when I am extremely lazy or just running out of time. And let me tell you it looks so amazing, anybody will think you spent lots of time perfecting this look.

So without further ado, let’s get started. …

Basic Kohl

Now before we get into the more detailed use of Kohl, let’s start with the basic way of applying it.

The basic Kohl is pretty simple. It just takes less than a minute to apply this basic technique.

Image result for basic waterline application of kohl pictures

Just apply some Kohl on both the upper and lower lash-lines equally. This will just define your eyes perfectly.

Bare Eyes

Now before you start questioning the bare eyes, let me just say that sometimes you need to look not made up and just appear to go all natural.

Although liner is pretty obvious if you want to go bare. Here is one trick.

Just apply Kohl to you upper lash-line and leave everything else bare.

Image result for basic upper lashline application of kohl pictures

Curl your eyelashes and apply little mascara. This look will give you the appearance of fuller lashes and just brighten your face even though technically you are going bare.

Doe Eyes

Now Doe eye look has been popular since the old eras 60’s or 70’s. It’s very flattering and gives you the appearance of very proportionate eyes.
Draw lines both on the upper lid near the lashes and the bottom lid only halfway like a semicircle.

Darken the lines on the outer corner of the lower lid.

Image result for doe eye application of kohl pictures

This look will add shape and definition to the eyes.

Winged Eyes

Now Winged eyes are very common and is a go-to retro look. But mostly this look is easily achieved with gel or liquid liner.

But let me tell you. This look is also easily achievable with Kohl as well.

Image result for winged eye kohl makeup look

For this look,  you need to pull the Kohl a little higher on the upper eyelid and thicken the line towards the corners. When filling the outer corner, pull the line inwards.

Lastly apply a thin line of Kohl on bottom line to complete this look.

Smokey Eyes

Now Smokey eye look is the most sought after, go to look for an evening out or for occasions when we need to look extra  beautiful and sexy.

For this look  we need smudged eye makeup.

Image result for smokey eye using kohl makeup look

First start by applying Kohl to your upper and lower lashlines and waterline. You don’t have to be perfect about it.

Take a pointed or blender brush. A flat brush will also do. Smudge the Kohl with with this brush.

Lastly make a small v shape on the outer corner of the eyes and Smudge the v shape inward towards the eyes.

Colorful Eyes

Now Basic Black Kohl is the classic go-to makeup item when you need a Kohl. But you can experiment a bit and use some colorful Kohls/Kajal Pencils.

This will add a definite edge to your overall look and will a different look altogether.

You can use all kinds of colors as basic liner or use it in any way you want. Just experiment on and find what you love.

Image result for colorful kajal kohl sticks

Image result for colorful kajal kohl sticks

You can mix and match to your heart’s content.

These looks are very basic and the fact that these can be done using a Kohl is super time saving and easy. You don’t have to struggle with the eyeliner brushes or wait for the line to dry or worry about the line not coming out straight.

This is super easy, quick and fun too. Do give it a try….

Stay tuned for more…



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