Goa Trip – Part 1 (Visiting for the First Time)

Hey My Pretty Readers….

As promised. Here is my Goa Blog. Now before I start with the details about the trip, let me just say that Goa is a breathtaking place.

The first time I went to Goa was 2.5 yrs ago. The moment I stepped on Goan soil, instantly I fell in love with the place and since then have been there numerous times and aspire to go many more times as well. ūüôā
Now believe it or not, I loooove the Sea and the Sun(even though I live in a place where summers are like lava explosions). I just can’t get enough of it. So for me Goa is paradise. The laid back lifestyle, the serene beaches and may I say the fresh mouth-watering seafood are the best things I love about Goa. You can’t help but relax and enjoy life. Its the best place for nature and people watching.

And I don’t think I would do justice to Goa in just one post. So I am doing¬†it in parts.
This is the first part where I went to Goa for the first time. I hope this will be helpful for people who are visiting Goa for the first time.

So without any further ado, let’s begin.

Now our first Goa trip was very random and unplanned. We had a few holidays and were just thinking about what to do when¬†Hubby¬†booked bus tickets at 8 PM to depart at 3.00 AM the next morning. We never had any prior knowledge about Goa and never did any ¬†kind of research or anything. The only knowledge we had was that our friend told us to stay at Candolim Beach, that’s it.

Now April is the mid of Summers here in India. Its scorching hot in our city Pune. I was having second thoughts about this trip thinking its so hot here wonder what would be the condition in Goa and the humidity as well. But then again we were bored out here and I was not in the mood to spend the holidays camped up in front of the TV.

So we quickly made a trip to the mall to get some beach friendly clothes and hurriedly packed our bags, had a quick dinner and booked a cab to reach the Bus pickup point at the exact opposite end of the city.

Our journey began at 1 AM. Our Cab Driver was so “generous” that he literally drove us all over¬†the city to reach our destination. After getting off the cab, the Transport Office people told us that the pickup point is on the other side of the highway. So there we were, hauling our luggage holding on to dear life trying to cross the highway. After much struggle, we reached the correct Pick up point at 2.30 AM.

And so the wait began. The office people told us the Bus will be here in 40-45 mins as the Bus started from Mumbai and is en-route to Pune. So we were waiting there watching dogs fighting, vehicles going by. The office people were constantly telling us that there is heavy traffic and the Bus will be here in sometime.


Finally, the Bus arrived at 5.30 AM. I know it was just a 3 hour wait, but it felt like eternity in our sleep deprived state sitting on the road side. The bus was a semi-sleeper and you can say a bit comfortable but not a lot. Now if I can give an advice here, always opt for the sleeper Bus or better go for the Train or take a flight coz from Pune it takes atleast 10-12 hours by road if you are taking stops in between.

Finally sometime later, the Sun came up and the city was looking very pretty in the early rays of sun, we got our excitement back on and were anxious to reach Goa.  The route from Pune to Goa is pretty scenic, but it was a bit barren in the summer months but pretty nevertheless.

After going through some winding roads and valleys, a few stops here and there, we finally reached Mapusa at 2.30 PM. Now the Mapusa bus station is quite crowded. As soon as we got out of the bus, we saw the long line of shops. The first thing we did was hired a bike for 5 days, somehow managed to place our luggage and our selves on the bike and found a petrol station. We filled up our bike and off we went to Candolim.

If you are visiting Goa for the first time, I would recommend visiting North Goa first as it is quite forgiving and there are many things to do to keep yourselves busy. I would suggest to keep the first trip simple and not exert oneself by trying to see and do it all.

Now the most surprising thing for me was the weather. I am used to the scorching dry heat of Pune. The air is very dry out here and the sun just feels like its roasting your skin. But in Goa, the heat felt different. Ofcourse you sweat a lot coz of the humidity, but the sun didn’t feel as hot. It was a refreshing change and I was really happy.
The road from Mapusa to Candolim is really scenic. But the road itself on the Baga-Calangute-Candolim stretch is really bad with a lot of potholes and repairs going on.

So we went from Mapusa straight to the Candolim Beach. I felt so happy watching the Sea. The day was coming to an end and I was eager to watch the sunset but Hubby made me realize that its more important to find accommodation. Now being the crazy people ourselves, we had not pre-booked any hotel or anything. I would suggest pre-booking a hotel in advance to save on money and hassle. Now Goa is a pretty safe and easy going state, but again I want to give an advice, if you are travelling alone or waiting somewhere with your luggage not just Goa in particular but anywhere especially in India, be extra careful of your surroundings coz there are people lurking around trying to rob you. 

Luckily within a few minutes, we found an affordable yet pretty nice place just within 2 mins walking distance from the Beach. Its a pretty nice place with a nice pool and the ambiance is very peaceful. After having an early dinner, we succumbed to our beds to catch-up on some much needed sleep.

We woke up at around 9 AM to the sound of birds chirping outside our balcony. It felt so refreshing after the nice long nap we had. We got ready and left the hotel. We had some breakfast and left for Baga Beach. Now I can say the liquor is very cheap here but not the food. You really need to find places with reasonable prices.

Now Baga Beach is very crowded. But its worth it. The waves are just amazing.

We spent most of the morning and afternoon playing and lazing around on the Beach. Watched people losing sunglasses and what not in the water. It was hilarious. As the sun rose higher, we worked up quite an appetite and headed back to Candolim.

We were not quite satisfied with playing in the water so instead of heading to the Hotel, we went straight to Candolim Beach. And I was pleasantly surprised to find the Beach not very crowded at all. There are very nice shacks all around the beach. We found a cute place to eat on the beach and headed back to the water.

We lazed around on the Beach most of the evening and had dinner in our room and called it a night.

The next morning we left our room at around 10 AM and found a very nice and affordable vegetarian place for breakfast. Then we headed straight to Anjuna Rocky Beach. The ride from Candolim to Anjuna was spectacular. This place is really awesome and the sea just looks amazing from the rocks.

The Anjuna Flea market is also quite amazing for some shopping. But do remember to bargain. You can get quite a good deal.

After spending most of the afternoon here, we headed back to Calangute and had Lunch in a really nice place. The seafood was amazing. The crabs were so delicious.

We came back to our hotel and relaxed a bit. We decided to go out for dinner and found a very nice romantic open air place. It was a very romantic candle lit dinner.

While returning to the hotel, we decided to spend some time on the Candolim beach in the moonlight. The sand felt so soft and cold while walking barefoot on the Beach. Surprisingly we were not the only ones with the thought of a moonlit walk. The Beach was a bit crowded but the sound of the Sea with the cool sand and the amazing fresh breeze was just amazing.

With peaceful minds and smiling faces, we headed back to our hotel and called it a night.

We woke up refreshed but with heavy hearts as it was our last day in Goa. We  packed our bags and decided to laze around by the pool till checkout. We had fun in the pool and some photo sessions and by the time we were done it was almost 1 PM. We quickly showered and got ready for checkout. We were famished after playing in the pool and decided to head to the Beach one last time. We kept our luggage at the Hotel Reception and headed to a shack and ate all the fresh sea food to our hearts content. We lazed around on the Beach and spent most of the afternoon and evening there.

We had some late evening snacks at our Hotel Restaurant and headed towards Mapusa with our luggage on our Bike. We stopped on the way for some more pics and roaming around and finally reached Mapusa by 8 PM.

I don’t know if its the air or the Sea but we were rather hungry by the time we reached Mapusa. We decided to head¬†up to¬†a Restaurant and might I say the food was delicious…..

After much time and food later, we headed to the Bike Rental Shop and returned our bike. And again the eternal wait for the Bus began. But much to our amusement, the Bus was right on time. We left for Pune at around 10.40 PM. And this time luckily we had a Sleeper so the journey back was quite comfortable and we slept most of the way.
Finally after day break, we reached Pune at around 7 AM. I was really tired and happy and a bit sad.

We headed home with some amazing memories and the promises of returning to Goa many¬†more times……

Stay tuned for many more travel blogs coming soon….



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