Beauty Tricks….

Hey my pretty readers…

Its been quite a while i posted a blog. I promise i will make up for it. Goa trip blog coming soon…

I have been posting food related blogs since last few posts, so i thought of adding a new tips and tricks post.

All you guys must be using makeup everyday but i thought of adding a few tricks that will make it easier. I am not a huge makeup or beauty expert but there are a few tricks that helped me a lot. For me time is very crucial and being a lazy bum myself, i am always on the lookout for things that are easier to do.

So without further ado lets get started……

1) Make removal

Now makeup removal is the most basic thing and you will say we already have a remover and all we have to do is use it.
But there have been times when i forgot to bring my makeup remover with me or just turned a blind eye to the fact that i need a new one.
In these cases the life saver has been coconut oil. Yes you heard me right.
coconut oil is the best and natural makeup remover there is.
It does get a bit messy but once you wipe your face, you will not only be makeup free but your skin will also be nourished with the benefits of coconut oil.
So guys just give it a try…

2) Nail Polish

Being an impatient person myself, the most dreadful thing i feel is painting the nails.
So i found these two tips very helpful.
Rub olive oil around the nails before painting them. It makes removing excess polish way easier.

If you have no quick-dry products lying around, dip your painted nails in a bowl of ice-cold water to help them dry faster. It really works!

3) Scrub the Lips

The most unappealing thing on your face is the chapped, peeling lips.
To avoid this, you will definitely use chap-sticks, but the most effective trick is to scrub for the breathable fresh looking lips.
scrub your lips daily to get rid of any residue or dead skin.
Use baby toothbrush and scrub with a mixture of sugar, honey and coconut oil.
If you are in a hurry, just use the wet toothbrush and later use a chap-stick to hydrate them.

4) Concealer

Now all of us know how to use a concealer and how to find the right shade.
But after doing much trial and error, i have come to the conclusion that having puffiness and dark circles, the best thing that works for me is to apply one shade darker than the regular concealer to hide the puffiness and then to use a lighter shade to highlight the under eye area, looks way better than using just the lighter shade.

5) EyeLashes

I have fairly good amount of eyelashes but they just droop down and no matter how much i use the curler, they still don’t stay up for a long time.
So i found this cool idea, blow dry on your curler to make the eyelashes last longer.

I used to throw out mascaras that were clumpy. but ever since i found this genius trick, my mascaras are lasting longer.
Fix clumpy mascara by adding a drop or two of Visine or any eye drops.

6) Highlights

Now we all know how the highlighter brightens up out face.
But there are certain areas of your eyes that can brighten up your eyes and your face.
The eye highlights(whites,creams,pearls) must be in the inner corners, middle of the eyelid and just under the brow-bone.

7) Eyeliner

Now eyeliners are the basic things in eye makeup, however, a few tricks go a long way.

Line your waterline with white or nude liner to make them look bigger

Now being medium in complexion, i feel that nude suits better to brown colored skin and white suits better to fair complexion.

Tight-line your lash line to give appearance of thicker lashes

Use white eyeliner to cover your entire lid and then apply a vibrant color to make it pop

To keep the liner in place, swoop some loose powder underneath the eyes. This will also act as a baking technique for the under eye area.

These were some of the tips i wanted to share with you today. Stay tuned for more……




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