A day trip to Mulshi…

After a couple of weeks in the same routine, I really get very bored and need some  sort of change. And with the summer upon us, it is a torture to go anywhere without a car. But as we have nothing but an Enfield which my Hubby promised he is buying so we may go visit places, hence after much haggling, we were set to go to Mulshi. 😛


Mulshi is one of the sought after exotic places by tourists on the outskirts of Pune. It is to the west of Pune, close to Lonavala and almost the same distance as Lavasa. The Mulshi Dam was constructed in 1927 for storing water and producing electricity. Today Mulshi dam is one of the most famous picnic spots where people chill out mostly during the rainy season. And i mean it. It must be visited in Monsoon.


Now let me tell you, it is not fun to visit in and around Pune during the summers especially recently since the temperatures are rising every year. I still remember my childhood days when summers were peaceful and cool. But alas those days are long gone. So keeping my summer memories aside, coping up with this increasingly torturous summer and with brave hearts we made a plan for a day trip to Mulshi.

We had decided to wake up and leave early, as the mornings are a bit cool and its best to get out of the city before the traffic starts. But thanks to late night TV and chatting, we woke up on Saturday morning a bit late and were not able to get out of the house until 10 AM.

We stopped at viman nagar chowk for some breakfast. And with the sun high upon us it was appearing to be a hot day. Hubby still wanted to head home and sleep more but i was determined to see Mulshi that day. And mind you being in Pune since childhood i haven’t been to Mulshi like ever….

So we started our bike ride from Viman nagar at around 11 AM. And let me tell you it was not at all a good start. We hit like the peak hour of morning traffic. We took the route from Yerwada-RTO-Deccan-Kothrud which is jam packed with all the traffic.


Finally at around 12:30PM we hit Chandni Chowk and felt a relief. The weather was a bit cooler and with no traffic and clearer roads, we thought things will go smooth now. But alas, we had some bike trouble and after much time and energy loss, we finally left Chandni Chowk.

The road to Mulshi is quite scenic. I could only imagine how beautiful it will be in monsoons. There still was greenery in this season with occasional greenhouses full of red roses and farms with fresh veggies surrounded by mango trees and such. Since it was lunch time while we were riding, we saw many farm workers huddled below trees eating and chatting away.

After almost an hour and half from Chandni Chowk, we finally reached Mulshi. In summer there isn’t much to do here. The place is quite desolate and the roads are very empty. If you want a quite place for some family picnic this is ideal.


Luckily we found a better looking place to relax and chill after the hot and tiring ride we had. “Hotel Paradise”. And i really felt it was paradise given the ride and the heat.

It is a very homely place. Mind you its self service. There were chicken and little chicks running around. Goats munching away. And the view… Oh my god!! It had the complete view of the Lake. And there are pathways going up to the water front.




The Lassi was really amazing and you could taste and tell that it was made fresh. Just sipping away looking at the gorgeous view was worth it.



After relaxing and watching this gorgeous view, we were ready to leave.


On our way back, we were really famished and wanted to stop by for some food. We stopped over at Manas Resort. I just love this place. We have been there so many times and get such nice experience every time.


The Lake looked gorgeous and the food as usual is amazing.

The ride back home was quite tiring. Again we hit the evening traffic all the way from Kothrud til home.

But all in all the heat, exhaustion and traffic was worth it. We reached home with the promise of returing back again and now in Monsoons. Can’t wait for the summers to end and the Monsoons to begin. Pune is so beautiful and scenic in monsoons.

Keep tuned for more such adventures… 😉






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