Chasing your dreams….

As i was chilling over the weekend relaxing and binge watching a few movies. I ended up watching The blind side, Pursuit of happyness and Soul surfer one after the other. This just got me thinking.

When a child is born, it has no limitations, no rules or no hard coded path that they must take. Along the path we enter the educational system and go through graduation and most of us end up with a desk job(and i wish i could say 9-5 but sadly its never 9-5). Those who know what they want to do right from childhood i really admire them. But sadly i ended up with the desk job. I was very happy as i was financially independent and i enjoyed waking up getting ready and working with new colleagues. But down the line 2-3 years i just keep getting the feeling like something is missing. The job i was dying to get is not giving that joy i expected.

Now trust me if i say something like this my parents just breathe fire down my neck. My mother is a home maker and dad was a government servant. They come from a generation where sticking up to what you have is the most important thing. They just tell me to get over it and just do my job.

As i talk to my friends i feel the same thing. Most of my girl friends are home makers and i sometimes wish i could be too but these friends tell me its so important to work and be financially independent.

After all theses discussions still there is a part in my head or heart whatever you wanna say that is just not happy. Its not about the financial stability or independence or to have a place to go everyday or just it has nothing to do with all these things.

After much thinking and observing why i feel unhappy work-wise is that i don’t see the passion in it. I have been reading “So Good They Can’t Ignore you” by Cal Newport. And even though i understand what he is trying to say and i get it. But its just that until you don’t know what you are good at or to know your good points, its no use. He gives an example of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, the thing is that they knew what they are good at. Steve Jobs is the god of entrepreneurs, he had the delegating skills or just the list goes on. Its until you know what you like or what you can do good its just a stroll in the dark.

So until i find that out what i am good at, i will just call it passion.

I think about passion not as a magical fairy tale kind of thing. Passion can be as simple as doing makeup or as grand as climbing mountains or running wild like Bear Grylls. It can be insane things that keeps us sane. If that makes sense.


Now comes the big word : Dreams…

What are dreams basically. An idea of a particular life or achieving a specific thing. We picture ourselves in the idealistic situations living the perfect life. But if you get out of that grandeur and think logically, it is very much possible to achieve what you have been dreaming.

We all have goals that we say are important to us like getting in shape, building a business, writing a book, and so on — but for most of us, the inertia of life holds us back. This is especially true when we’re living a relatively comfortable life.

There is no specific time or age or financial condition to start chasing your dreams. And i mean chasing. If you just keep running you will keep on running and might give-up after a while. But keep chasing those dreams make them so tired that you finally catch them.


I have a dream of starting my own business and working hard for it. And luckily i share this dream with my Hubby. The only one that truly gets what i am trying to say and i am so thankful he is so similar to me that he gets me.

It is very difficult when everyone is against you or rather they are helping you to stay safe and not take that leap in fear of failure. Now i can’t say i have gained my dreams. Rather i am so far from them. But i have started chasing them. There are few points i feel will help you down the line.

1. Hard Work
Reinventing yourself and developing a new skill is hard work. Going from out of shape to the best shape of your life is hard work. Transitioning from corporate desk jockey to proud entrepreneur is hard work. Never shy away from working hard towards your goals. If you cannot give up a job right away, put in a few 3-4 hours extra everyday for your goals. If you want to start a business, invest time to do the market study, investigate the requirements and just put in the time to make it work. It will be hard but it will be worth it.

hard work.png

2. Don’t let discouragement pull you down
Now you imagine in your head that i will get everything in line and it will be all good good. But life is not so. You will have to knock on 50 doors to get one person to listen to you. You will get discouraged by the way people will talk to you. You will feel hurt and start questioning yourself. But remember there are good times as well as bad. Just stick to it and do not pull yourself down.

3. Procrastination
Now this is a thing where we become our own reason for failure. We say i have a full time job i don’t have time to work on my dreams or i do not have the skill set i don’t have time to learn new things. But if you want to get out of this job or if you want to improve your life you have stop procrastinating and make it happen.


4. Comparing yourself to others.
This is a common thing among us humans. We always compare ourselves to others. Be it our friends or family. We compare how someone else is successful or how their business is doing better. But here’s the thing. your journey is your own. the only person you must compare yourself with is you. You must strive to be better than you were yesterday. This is the only way you can improve. If you keep comparing yourself to others, it will not get you anywhere but will just make you feel sad about yourself.

images (2).jpg

5. Neglecting your body.
Now this has nothing to do with starting a new thing. But you cannot achieve anything good if your body is not good. If your passion is to be a sales person and you are out of shape, it will get in your way. And rather to do anything you must be in your best shape. This will keep your feelings in check keep you positive and you will fall ill less.

6. Trying to get approval for your dream.
We have passion of doing something and we want our close ones to fully support and cheer us on our ventures. But the fact is that your journey is your own. Your passions, your insights are not theirs. They might fear your failure or for fear of their own they might oppose you. Or just for the fact that they are different people and share different thoughts.
Do not seek approval of any kind from others. It is good if you have but do not get discouraged if you don’t.

7. Dwelling on the negative
When you are on an unknown path and don’t know what might lay ahead, it is very easy to ponder on your choices and doubt yourself. You will feel discouraged or uncertain. But do not feed to these negative things.
Stay positive and concentrate on why you are on this path in the first place. It is OK to get a little jittery feet when you are doing something you have never done. But don’t give in to these negative feelings and stay focused.


These are few of the points i want to share. I could go on but for now these are the most important things to start at the moment.

Follow these and chase your dreams. Remember… Its never too late. Better to start than never…..






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