Simple tips to a Cleaner Home…

We all fantasize about waking up to a clean fresher home to kick start our day on a positive note. Also we would love to return to a cleaner calmer home to unwind our day…..

fresh home.jpg

But lets be honest. That dream is only achieved if we work hard cleaning our home everyday. Not all can afford a cleaning service or a maid and face the reality that we cannot get the house cleaned to our satisfaction even after paying so much.

I have been reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Kondo, Marie. She has put up a very good concept of one time tidying session. I would love to follow that but just tidying does not lead to a cleaner house. Yes of-course if you need a cleaner house, first you must tidy it and get rid of all unnecessary stuff.

And i totally agree with her to have a one time session. Just sit and get down to clearing out your space. Get rid of those things that does not spark joy to you.

Once you get rid of stuff, you must designate particular places for your things so you know where what belongs. That being said, what do you do once you have setup your tidier house. Everyone must agree that we get lazy and get tired of following the same routine and end up with a bit messier home.

Now i have a few tips to a tidier home.

  1. Make your bed first thing in the morning.

We all love to come home and sleep in a beautiful comfy bed. But will you feel so comfy if your bedding is crumpled and your bed looks like its always been slept on.

Also the reason to make your bed in the morning is that you get the feeling of accomplishment as you make your bed. And you feel positive.


2. Get rid of those extra pillows and throws on your bed.

As you will be making your bed everyday, removing and placing these extra stuff like throws and extra pillows will just become a boring chore for you. Just get rid of the stuff you don’t need. Yes the bed looks cute. But just tell me doesn’t a cleaner simple bed look as beautiful?


3. Fold and put away your laundry immediately.

We have all been there. The freshly laundered clothes are just lying in a pile waiting to be folded. And it takes up so much of our time that we just procrastinate to the point that pile starts to become a hill. But trust me, if you fold and put away your laundry immediately, you will not see the mess that it makes. And mess just attracts mess. It will only end up getting bigger.


This will not only make your room look tidier, but you will always know what clothes you have available at the moment and put together your look for the day accordingly.


4. Wipe down your kitchen and bathroom counters every night.

You may have heard this one many times. But it is true. You don’t have to scrub and deep clean every day. You can keep deep cleaning for the weekends, but just wiping down the counters with some wipes will also make a huge difference.

kitchen counter.jpg

This will prevent build up and will help you in your deep cleaning so you don’t spend the entire Saturday scrubbing the counters.

5. Line the bottom of your oven with foil.

We all know cleaning the oven is a hell of a chore. Just by using this trick you can save tons of your time. This will prevent spills and you can just throw away the foil and your oven is clean.

6. Put the pots and pans in the sink before sitting down to eat.

Once you are done cooking and wiping down the counters, just plate your food and put the pans and pots soaking in the sink right before you sit to eat. This will help cleaning them easily and you wont procrastinate cleaning utensils post your yummy dinner.

7. Check your refrigerator before taking out the trash.

Doesn’t it happen with you when you take out the trash and feel happy that the trash the out only to open the refrigerator and realize that you forgot to put out stale food.

Always make a habit of checking the fridge before taking out the trash.


8. Straighten up before bed.

Fold the throw blankets, put away the stray socks, put away dirty clothes in the hamper. Just tidying up a bit before bed will give you a cleaner house once you wakeup.


9. Setup a cleaning/tidying routine

Setup a cleaning/tidying routine for a weekend or a particular day where you deep clean and tidy up your entire house.This will help you keep a cleaner/tidier house for the coming days until the next deep cleaning session.



These are just a few tips to tidy and clean your home. Stay tuned for more such tips…




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