How to Sleep Better…

Hey my pretty readers…. Its a beautiful Monday morning and i am in office feeling like i have had a very good sleep after so many days. After a long time i feel less groggy and feel a little bit better with those dreadful Monday blues.

Now this got me thinking and i decided to write about something i struggle with everyday(or rather i did). Sleep.

Getting quality sleep is easier said than done. Many times we overlook the importance of sleep over other things like binge watching a favorite series(Grey’s Anatomy or Vampire Diaries, some of my favorites 😉 ), partying, late night work related thing and so on.

After ignoring and getting less than 6 hours of sleep most of the nights, i started seeing the side-effects of lack of sleep.

Sleep is not just a way to get rest but it is also tied to your physical and mental health.

We all feel groggy, slow, irritated and tired when we don’t get enough sleep. Coffee seems to be the only solution like our lives depend on it to function every morning.
Now these are not the only effects lack of sleep causes to our health. Lack of sleep over an extended periods of time can lead to high Blood pressure which in turn leads to heart attacks and aneurysms.

Now easier said than done. Its not always that easy to get that quality of sleep every night.

Some nights we worry about that presentation/meeting the next day or sometimes we just don’t get comfortable enough and end up tossing and turning most of the night, or sometimes you just fall asleep easily only ending up waking every few hours worrying that you might oversleep and miss the bus or be late to work/school.


There isn’t one way that can guarantee awesome sleep everyday but i have discovered 5 easy tips to help achieve it.

Step 1:
Develop a relaxing night-time routine.
Think about it and try to remember how our parents used to give us baths, made us brush our teeth, read us bedtime stories, tucked us in, made us drink that glass of milk, all in the name of quality sleep.

Now that we are older, we need to develop a routine of our own. Now as much as we miss that pampering, we need to develop a ritual of our own.
Have warm baths or read some books or a hot cup of non-caffeine tea/warm milk or meditate for a couple of minutes to calm your thoughts, etc.


Also make sure that you don’t drink alcohol/caffeinated drinks before bed. Now some may argue that a couple of drinks might help you sleep better, but mind you, that is not a quality sleep. Its just an illusion of sleep and just remember how you feel the next morning. If you don’t feel energetic in the morning that means you did not have a quality sleep.

Also do not exercise 2 hours before bedtime as it increases your blood circulation and will not help you relax easily to achieve a calm state to have a quality sleep.

Step 2 :
Maintain a regular sleep schedule.

Now maintaining a sleep schedule doesn’t mean you strictly have to sleep exactly at 10 and wake-up exactly at 6. You can keep it flexible but stick to it and just generally go to bed around the same time for atleast a week or two. This will help setup your
internal clock.

Once your biological clock is set, you will notice that you feel sleepy at around the same time every night and will wake-up without an alarm clock at around the same time every morning.

Step 3 :
Stop watching the clock.

Now i confess i have been there. Lying in bed and checking the clock every few minutes waiting to fall asleep. And i have also tragically noticed that the more you look at the clock, the less likely you are to fall asleep. As you will keep staring at it, you keep thinking oh god its already midnight and i have to getup at 6, i have only 6 hours of sleep left i have to fall asleep now or i will be tired in morning and get stressed about it and end up being awake.

So just stop looking at the clock and keep it in a way you can’t directly look at it from your bed without getting out of bed.

Step 4 :
Create a comfortable sleep ambiance.

People sleep better in dark, quite and cool environments.

You can switch off all the lights 1-2 hours before bedtime and light some candles. Now candles have a soothing effect on your brain and you start producing melatonin which encourages sleep.
Have some candle lit dinner or read a book.(But be sure to blow off the candles before getting in bed or you will wake up to a buring house, ouch!)

Invest in some soft ear plugs or just use some cotton. For me, cotton helps with my cronic cold but it also tunes down all the outside noises.(I can literally hear my neighbours clattering if i dont do it :P)
Use thick curtains that can keep the light out
Turn on the fan or air conditioning
Wear comfortable and less restricting clothes/PJs

The more you are comfortable in bed, the more easily you sleep.

Step 5:
No Electronics:

Now i do not need to emphasize more on how Electronics interfere your sleep.
You say oh i will just look at how many likes i got on my pic and end up scrolling for 2 hours on instagram or just going through pinterest/facebook/twitter you name it. we have so many distractions.
Checking emails/messages and everything right before sleeping is not good as it triggers more thoughts and stress.
Watching Tv or movies will keep you intrigued.
And the most important point is that blue screens hinder your melatonin production and you just stay awake for hours.

So keep your bedroom a no electronics zone and just unwind a couple hours before sleeping.

Just keep in mind that your health is the most important thing you have and everything else can wait…

I hope these tips will help you sleep better as they have helped me. I cannot say i have 100% achieved quality sleep every night but i am getting there and hopefully you will too…

Stay tuned for more posts….



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