Organizing tricks…

Yesterday while I was putting away my fresh laundry, I had a revelation that I have become so much more organized and have got a better sense to utilize the space in our small apartment at its best.

I am such a messy and lazy person(overcoming it to some extent) and my house was such a mess and I hoarded so much stuff I dint need. Last year I decided to toughen up and started getting rid of the stuff I was holding on to just for stupid reasons.

As I got more “space” conscious I started looking for more ways to optimize and organize.

I will share some of my tips to organize better. So let’s begin…

1. I think the most space occupying and untidy looking things are the small objects like bath and cleaning products, kids toys, accessories and such.

To store these things, I have found an ingenious and cheap way. Storing them in these door hanging storage with pockets(also known as shoe organizers) is the best. They are out of sight until you need them. You can hang them on the inside of pantry doors and voila you have extra storage for all your spices and condiments. Or hang behind bedroom doors for storing your accessories. And they come in various sizes and you can choose ones with more or less pockets according to your need.

door organizer.jpg

2. The next tip is to storing shoes. I don’t have a closet but a double sided cupboard just enough for the clothes. So I have to store them on a shoe rack. Now no matter how much you clean and tidy up, the dust just finds a way. So I found a trick to store my shoes without getting them dirty sitting on the rack.

I store them in these cheap and easy shoe covers. They last a couple months and then you can replace them. All my shoes stay clean and I don’t have to dust them before putting them on anymore.


shoe cover.jpg

3. As I stated I have a small cupboard enough to store my clothes so I had to find other options to store my accessories and such. I found this cool idea to store all my handbags and purses. It’s so cheap and can be easily ordered on Amazon.

4. Another trick to optimize your storage is to roll your clothes like the lounging ones, gym clothes, rather any type of clothing that doesn’t strictly need storing a certain way. This just saves tones of space. I usually roll almost all of my clothes. And those that need ironing can be done on the spot instead of storing already ironed clothes. They look fresh when ironed this way rather than storing post ironing.


5. Let me just say something about this painful thing : storing socks. I just feel they get lost on their own. No matter how i stored them, on a crunch time i could never find the matching pair on time. Until one day just google strolling one day i stumbled upon this genius idea of storing socks : roll them in a ball.

Here are the instructions:
1)Grab 2 socks and lay them down stacked one sock on top of the other, with the heels pointed up.
2)Fold pair in half making sure that the open end of the sock is laying against the surface, the foot part facing up.
3)Roll towards the open end of sock. With a beer can grip pick up the roll of socks with your dominate hand. Insert thumb of dominate hand into the sock opening.
4)Pull elastic backwards on itself and around roll of sock. Adjust if necessary.

6. I have one more trick to storing t-shirts/tops. Now i have stated earlier that rolling clothes is quite efficient, however i find it difficult to identify t-shirts from one another and i end up unrolling 4-5 t-shirts(i have many t-shirts of similar colors) to find the one i want to wear at the moment. To solve this one, i decided to fold my t-shirts but still i was not ready to compromise on the space. So this is a time and space efficient trick of folding them.

Here are the instructions:
1)Lay the shirt flat. Spread the T-shirt out on a flat surface such as a clean table, with the front of the shirt visible.
2Imagine a line running from the far shoulder to the bottom of the shirt. Picture a line that crosses the T shirt. One end is on the shoulder most distant from you, between the neck and the sleeve, and the line crosses the shirt in a straight line until it hits the bottom.
3)Find the point on this imaginary line that divides the shirt into two equal sections: one on a side that includes the neck and sleeves, and one that includes the bottom of the shirt. Reach out with your other hand over to this point and pinch the fabric between your finger and thumb tightly. Make sure you are pinching both the front and the back fabric of the shirt.
Don’t worry too much about finding the exact middle of the line, especially before you’ve got the hang of this. You do not need to measure it exactly to end up with a tidy, folded shirt.
4)With the other hand pinch the end of the line at the shoulder.
5)Keep your first hand pinch in place. Lift the second hand, while still pinching the shoulder, and move it straight over your first hand until it is at the bottom of the T-shirt. Your arms should now be crossed, with your right arm over your left.
6)Keep a firm grip on both pinches and uncross your hands while simultaneously lifting the shirt off the surface.
7)If everything worked out, a folded shirt rectangle should be hanging down from your hands with a loose sleeve dangling at the bottom. Lower the shirt back down onto the table. The loose sleeve should contact the table first. Lay the rest of the shirt over the loose sleeve so it is not visible from the front.
If the loose sleeve isn’t completely hidden after you lower the shirt, it’s easy to tuck the sleeve under the shirt by hand.
8)This is the end result. However, i add one more thing to this. I fold the tshirt once more so you get a rectangle of the tshirt. If you place this in your drawer/rack with the neck part down, you can clearly make out the front part of the tshirt without having to pick it or open it.

7. I have a lot of Indian Salwar-Kurtas for that ethnic look i love. However, trust me its so space consuming to fold and store these Indian attires. So i have found this awesome trick to store them that reduces the space by half and I no longer have to search through the mounds of clothes for the matching dupattas of these dresses which being so flowy always gets messed up with others.

Here are the instructions:
1)Lay the salwar on a flat surface like a table/bed with a center fold where one leg is placed on the other.
2)Fold the kurta in half down the middle where one sleeve will be on the other.
3)Place this kurta on top of the salwar.
4)Now start rolling making sure that the salwar and kurta both get rolled together without any loose fabric hanging.
5)Keep this roll aside.
6)Fold your dupatta in half and then fold legth wise with the width being as wide as your roll of the Salwar-Kurta.
7)Now place this roll on top of your dupatta fold such way that your roll will on one end of the dupatta. Now start rolling.
8)In the end you will have a roll with the Salwar-Kurta-dupatta combo all together and it is small in size compared to folding all of them.

8. Now lets talk about something we don’t think about much while storing. The undergarments.

I have seen so many of my friends/family females that store their bras with one cup folded into the other. This is such a classic example of messing up the natural curve of the bra. I have put in pictures of some ways you can store bras. They must always be stored with both cups intact. You can either hang them on hangers and place in your closet or hang behind a door as you find convenient. Or you can store them in a drawer wide enough for the entire bra to lay with both cups.

bra store1.jpg

bra store2.jpg

Now be it a guy or a girl i have an easy trick to store your underwear that is such a space saver.
1)Lay the underwear flat.
2)Fold the underwear band about 2 inches under.
3)Adjust measurments as needed depending on the length(some people prefer high waisted or thigh length).
4)Fold the left side so that it lines up with the seam on front.
5)Fold the right side so that it lines up with the left edge.
6)Like with the socks, hold the top tight and roll from bottom up pulling tight as you go up.
7)Grasp the roll with a beer can grip with your thumb inside the elastic.
8)Roll the elastic backwards over the roll, moving your hand as you go. Adjust if necessary to achieve a tight roll.


9. Now this is not a trick as such. But many people like me face this dilemma of deciding what to wear everyday before heading to school/office. I used to spent almost 20 mins deciding the clothing/accessories/shoes/handbags and still when i used to clean my cupboard i used to discover clothes i never knew i had.

While researching, i stumbled upon an app. Now there are many similar apps which are as good so you may go for any of them. The main purpose of these apps is that you can take pictures of all the items you own and categorize them depending on type like tops/shirts/pants/belts, etc.

Now at first it might seem time consuming but trust me, once you do it you will never have to spend those 20-30 mins every morning deciding what to wear. The most cool thing about these kind of apps is that once you take pictures of everything you own, you can start creating your looks by selecting the items together and kind of make you a fashion star.

my dressing.JPG


I hope you found these tips helpful. Stay tuned for more….




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