Little fashion tips and tricks that go a long way…

We all have a little child in our heart that wants us to stand out in the crowd and  be fashionable. We all want to feel awesome in our clothes and you will agree with me,  you feel happy when you are in your best outfits. And trust me those who disagree are in denial….

Now you will ask me what is fashion to common people like you and me. You will say that half the things we see in fashion shows are not wearable in our daily life. I will quote Carolina Herrera here


Fashion for you is what’s defined by you. You design your own looks by your unique style. It can be tough but fashion can be much more enjoyable if you have a few tricks up your sleeve. So without further ado let me share these tips and tricks with you.

The basic fashion mantra


1. It can be tricky to pair necklaces with the right necklines. And believe me we have so many types of necklines,  if you pair it with a suitable necklace you will make a statement.



2. Just like necklaces, we need to pair earrings/bracelets/rings with the right necklines. Here is a cheat sheet to pair the right jewelry with the type of necklines.



3. The most common yet basic and neglected thing is the Jeans. We wear them so often that we do not think it could be a variant. We can wear the same jeans in so many different ways that you don’t need to invest in a lot of different garments..



4. Another type is the boyfriend Jeans. Now we all love to show off our curves in our fitted jeans but you will agree with me that the comfort level you get in a Boyfriend jeans cannot be matched with any other type of Jeans. Here are some ways to style them



5. We all like to add a pop of color to our outfits. And why should we shy away from colored Jeans. Here are some tips to style your colored Jeans.


Lets me share some more styling tips for the most basic colors we love


mint.JPGy (1).jpg




6. We all have basic clothes like tees and a basic white t shirt. Now there are ways to modify your look using these basic clothing and transform into a more defined well put together look. Here are some of the tipswhite t.jpg




7. The next tip is to style your scarves. Now scarves are something we do not take into consideration while defining your look. Most people will just throw it on or wrap it around the neck. We can almost transform a look just by changing the style of how you drape your scarf. Here are some types of scarf drapes

types of scarves.jpg


8. We all have button up shirts that look super boring and feel like wearing them only as formals. Now there are ways you can style your button up shirts that nothing but super amazing. Have a look

button up shirt.jpg


These are just a few of the tips i have shared with you today. I will share more styling tips and also will go in depth about some of the tips shared above. Stay tuned for more of these fun and helpful tips to spice up your style journey……..


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