Hello World….

Hey my pretty Readers…..

This is my first blog post and so excited to write for myself and everyone around me. Just imagining myself as Carrie Bradshaw sitting in her Manhattan apartment at her desk in front of her window.

But no kidding I am no Carrie Bradshaw. I am a simple Indian girl trying to keep her head above water in the competing world. I am an average person trying to manage home, job, the unsuccessful weight loss plans, the entrepreneurial ideas and dreams of achieving it all someday.

Just as we started 2016, I said to myself enough is enough. If I can’t take a hold of my own life then what will I truly have achieved at the end of it.

I am socially awkward, usually stick to myself and just try to fit in. So my resolution for 2016 is to make myself as uncomfortable as possible. I decided to take care of my health, hobbies and try to do everything I thought I couldn’t do. So I am starting my own blog and YouTube channel.  I will take you with me on this journey and will keep posting every week. Stay tuned……


Something about me :

I am a simple Indian girl working in a Software Company and married to the love of my life. I am an introvert with dreams of creating amazing things.

I love all things natural, travelling, makeup, fashion, interiors, fitness, food and LIFE in general. I love the feeling of life in every breath makes me want to spread my wings and feel the wind.

I love the sun and ocean and I feel Life is just like the Ocean. It is so unpredictable, full of opportunities, dangers, adventures and still so reassuring and humbling at the same time.

Join me on this amazing journey called LIFE………………..


PS : My other site is : My Movie List


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